Your event package includes two on-site play parties (Saturday night only for day passes) in the largest dungeon in southern Arizona. On Friday and Saturday night, a full 2800 sq. ft. will be filled with top quality BDSM furniture for your enjoyment. Last year our signature piece was the Double Star Cross. Our Dungeon Master, Master Archer, promises a new signature piece each year, and this year it promises to be something pretty special!

On Friday night, an additional adjoining 2800 sq. ft. will house the Behind Closed Doors: NINE Dog and Pony Show, and Kitties Too event. It is also open, free of charge, to all attendees, so bring your tack, leashes and cat toys!

Play Party Rules

Respect yourself, respect others, and respect the hotel. Be polite and courteous. Use equipment for your scenes and not for socializing or laying out your toys. Touch is by permission only. This includes toys. Respect opinions and sexual preferences different than your own.

Be polite to the volunteers too. Those members who volunteer are a very special group of individuals who have chosen to give back to the community. Volunteers are not servants or employees. Treat volunteers with the respect they deserve. Practice discretion in and out of the event, and honor confidentiality.

All activities must be legal. No illegal activities, or sex or play for money are permitted.

Be a responsible adult. All activities must be consensual. You are responsible for your play, and your own safety. Ensure that you understand the risks associated with your play and be responsible for them. While every effort is made to ensure the play equipment and space is safe, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is safe, working, and used properly. You must be able to consent at all times so don’t use mind altering substances.

Firearms are not permitted on the premises.

Street legal clothing required outside of the play space.

Prohibited activities:

  1. Gun play (firearms are not allowed within the space at any time)
  2. Unattended self-scening including but not limited to: Self-bondage and autoerotic asphyxiation
  3. Breath play shall not include any activity that restricts air flow in a manner which has the potential to result in asphyxiation, hypoxia, unconsciousness, brain damage or death.
  4. Urine, feces or vomit play, including but not limited to: Golden Showers, Brown Showers, Roman Showers.
  5. Aerosolized blood: Spray or contaminated toys.
  6. Fire-play is allowed in designated areas ONLY. Please speak to a DM for more information
  7. Photography is allowed under specific circumstances, but only with the DM’s approval.

The Dungeon safe word is “Red”. If this is used, stop all play immediately. Using this alerts the DM to check on you.

Master Jefferson’s Raunch ‘n’ Roll Party

Join Master Jefferson James in the Double J Suite Saturday night during the Play Party for rock ‘n’ roll, sex, cigars, more sex, booze, and other forms of hedonism. Kink Ribbons will be awarded to those who most get into the spirit of things.

Try your hand at the infamous Bowl of Keys games.

Men’s Party

The Men’s Dungeon Party will be in the The Vaquero Room and is being hosted by The Desert Leathermen of Tucson.

Women’s Party

There will be a women’s this year. Location and hostess to be announced.