Advanced Needles

Presenter: Carnal_Knowledge (Steven)

Steven / Carnal_Knowledge is headmaster for Building Blocks, the BDSM education program in Las Vegas. He also runs the dungeon, Codename: Jack. This is Steven’s second time teaching at BCD, and he will be presenting the Hook-Up Joint and Group Games this year. Steven lives with his slave and his bio-parakeet, and he spends his free time going on adventures, big and small.

The Allure of Seduction

Presenter: Raven Darknights

That smokey look…that tantalizing glimpse…that magnetic energy. Come explore the sensuality of seduction. Learn the key elements of voice, body language, and intention that make your knees weak and you heart skip a beat. Whether you want to charm or be enthralled, learning to slow down, focus, and connect will enhance all your interactions.

Andrew Love’s Guide To Effective Discipline and Punishment

Presenter: Andrew Love

Power Exchange dynamics can have many pitfalls and Andrew Love has avoided some, fallen in others and learned from them all. If you find yourself in the world of Power Exchange struggling to find an effective structure that provides mutually beneficial result, this class is for you. Mr. Love will cover the points of effective discipline and examine the effective use of punishment in Power Exchange relationships.

BDSM on a Budget

Presenter: Quartermaster

Whether you are new to kink or a seasoned pervert, saving money is always a good thing. In this class we cover a few tips and tricks on how to save money when shopping for your kinky toy bag. From where to shop, to taking common items and perverting them; BDSM on a Budget will expand your toy bag on the cheap.

Behind the Mask: Using Facial Coverings to Uncover the New You

Presenter: Duke

Since the dawn of time, humans have utilized masks for a variety of purposes, from communicating with their ancestors to impersonating gods, animals, or theater characters. In this workshop, we’ll discuss how masks can be used to invoke alternate personalities and personas that can be used in your kinky play. Unleashing a “new you” can be the ultimate form of role play, enabling you to engage in play styles and fetishism that might otherwise make “the real you” uncomfortable. Come join Duke as he tries to help find who (or what) is hiding inside of you!

Boot Worship

Presenter: slave Samantha

Worship is a broad category of those types of things we like to do to express devotion, commitment, or feelings towards specific concepts or dynamics or people. These behaviors can be discovered in any and all of the variety of connections the kink community creates. Worship can explore the spiritual side of connection or be intended to turn your partner on! During this class we will explore boot worship outside of basic bootblacking, each unique, not one better than the other. We will discuss different states of being that can occur during worship.

The Care and Feeding of Your Baby: Ageplay for Bigs and Littles

Presenter: Monica

It’s the first interpersonal dynamic most of us encounter in life, the original power relationship, and for some it resonates throughout our desires and sexual personae, and even our vanilla life in surprising ways. Whether you’ve always incorporated ageplay into your relationships or you’re looking for a outlet to express something you’ve never expressed before, join your fellow littles or caretakers, as we talk about headspace, trust, playtime, roleplay, psychological safety, and opening yourself up to the dominant/submissive possibilities of this sweet taboo.

Cell-Popping / Micro-Branding

Presenter: Ignixia

Are you a fan of body modifications and looking for something a little different to add to your play? Welcome to the world of cell-popping! Cell-popping, also known as “micro-branding,” can be as simple as a few lines and basic shapes or as intricate and artistic as your drawing skills allow. Whether you’re interested in leaving your mark on your partner(s), or just want to learn a new way to make them writhe in pain, you’re sure to enjoy adding this skill to your body modification toolbox.

Chivalry in the M/s Dynamic

Presenter: Master Peter Raven

How to combine your inner gentleman/gentlewoman with your inner sadist.
Chivalry is not dead; it’s just disguised in society to mean weakness. Nothing could be further from the truth. In decades past, it was not uncommon for people to be not only chivalrous but a sadist at the same time. I mean, after all, we must balance out, right? Today’s main stream society seems to think it is a lost art. But in our society it is alive and well. Come join an open discussion on how the two combine and work hand-in-hand at times within our way of life.

Cigars 101: How to Buy, Cut, Light, Smoke and Play with Cigars

Presenter: KYew

This will be a hands-on, lips-wrapped- around kind of workshop venue permitting, where we will share information and stories about how it looks and feels to play with a cigar and what “Cigar Play” is all about. So if you have a favorite …then “bring it.” There is a culture to Cigar and Cigar Play and we will delve into this traditional interaction. This workshop will cover the general understanding of cigars and how we can safely play with them.

Congrats! You Might Be a Pain in the Ass

Presenter: BootPig

For a simple collection of letters, BDSM sure manages to create a complex mess out of relationships without even considering a number of real life skills that would make things better. People trying to lead that may lack some skills to make it easier, people trying to follow that might be better suited to lead, fussy practices that aren’t serving the relationship, and the phenomenon of training without consideration for how transfer of knowledge happens or what the point of the training is. People wanting to be “trained” and then reactive when it happens. Fighting for fight’s sake. Why isn’t your best effort just good enough? 

At the core of this pool of stress, is a frustrated, “I thought this was going to be nice!” or “Why does it have to be so hard?” I know, I know, but ye olde guarde….. and guess what? Lots of work done now that could support and grow the relationships, do it better, make it easier and dare I say it, more pleasurable? We don’t ride horses to work just because that’s how they used to do it. 

This is not a discussion on the merits of brattiness and those that love it. This is about roadblocks to feedback and action when people can, and want, to do better but find themselves mired in the emotional reactivity of being seen and given feedback. Applicable to every relationship from the casual scene where giving and taking some feedback in new environments creates a better experience, to matured relationships that could use a fresh glance or two.

It doesn’t have to be this hard. From either side, but it takes some skills for delivering feedback, and receiving it and that’s from both sides of the slash. So if you’re a perfectionist that can’t hear about improvement – that’s a problem. If your reaction to suggestion creates days of emotional mayhem, that’s tiring. If you’re arrogant, if you’re convinced you know it all, if you can’t hear (and act!) on feedback, it’s likely you’ve earned your Pain in the Ass badge. Come play with a feedback model that can change your perspective, immediately, and help you let go of that badge you might have your hand wrapped around.

The Consent Factor: Retrieving, Receiving & Giving the “Firm Yes!”

Presenter: Mr. Dark

An in depth class that delves into all facets of negotiation and consent.
Topics covered include:
*The Four Stages of Negotiation
*What to include and not include in your negotiations
*Gaining the “firm yes”
*What gaining (and giving) consent really means
*When to give consent and when to revoke it *and more
Learn to expertly negotiate your scene from A-Z.

Dominant Dynamics

Presenter: Mr. Dark

Identifying as Dominant and taking the lead in your relationship can be, and usually is, a very intense and heavy role. While structuring our own lives, we are also tasked with structuring someone else’s life as well. How do we as The Dominant being that structure to our relationships and to our lives in general? This class will show you how.
Topics include:
*Bringing structure to your relationship
*Discipline vs punishment
*Initiating slave contracts
*Introducing training into your dynamic
*The flexibility of Mastering
*The brat factor
*And more

Erotic Modeling

Presenter: Slaykitty

Introduction to erotic modeling will cover several basic components to organizing your own sexy photo shoot some of the subjects that will be covered are picking the right photographer, safety basics, props and sets, wardrobe basics, different styles of erotic photography, negotiating you’re scene with other participants, modeling contracts, copyright, do’s and don’ts, finding the right location, setting a mood, the difference between erotic photography and porn and elevating your sexy shoots from smut to art.

Erotic Spanking

Presenter: Henry James

Per the dictionary, spanking is a type of corporal punishment involving the act of striking the buttocks of another person to cause physical pain.  But spanking can be so much more than that. Words like “corporal punishment” and “pain” can be easily swapped for “play” and “extreme-sensation”. Join us to explore spanking as a form of erotic sensation play or even predicament play.  We will discuss anatomy, mechanics, and a few of our favorite spanking items. Live demo and class interaction/tastings will be available.

A Field Guide to Risky Kinksters

Presenter: Order of E

Join us for a humorous and informative session, designed to help you spot risky kinksters before they spot you! We’ll talk about the Costume Chameleon, the Naïve Newbie, the Cyber-Toothed Tiger, the Doormat, the Predator, and many other interesting creatures you might find – or might have already found. We’ll discuss how to recognize them and how to learn more about them. Participants will join in an exercise designed to help minimize potential challenges when meeting these risky kinksters, and/or playing with them. A great discussion for those new to the scene, but also a great opportunity for the more-experienced to talk about their encounters in the BDSM jungle!

Flame On – Intro to Indoor Fireplay

Presenter: Duke

Fire. As the element that humans first learned to create for themselves, it made our ancestors feel as if they were gods. Harnessing this mesmerizing mystery for basic needs of warm shelter and food, we forgot to fear the flame for thousands of years. In recent centuries, however, we have rediscovered the primal, visceral response that fire provides, and we kinky folk have learned to sexualize that fear while (mostly) maintaining control of the dangers. If you’re looking to rekindle your relationship to fire, join Duke as he covers the basics of fire safety, materials, and appropriate fuels before delving into fireplay scene preparation and execution for indoor playspaces, including the chance to make your own fire wand.

Free to Be…Uninhibited

Presenter: Monica

Are there lines you want to cross but don’t know how? Secret desires too taboo to speak aloud? Fantasies you’ve often dreamed but never had the courage to live? Even the most dedicated kinksters can have limits, but if you’re ready to cross your own boundaries to achieve a higher level of ecstasy or to please your partner in ways you never imagined you could, come find out how social conditioning from family, community, and professional influences may be holding you back, and learn various techniques to help you start overcoming any limitations that keep you from feeling truly free in life.

From Girl to Ma’am

Presenter: Ignixia

Ever wonder what it takes to be a “Female Dominant?” The answer is seemingly quite simple: 1. identify and 2. identify as “dominant.” Is it really that easy in practice though? As someone who started out in the lifestyle as a switch in the submissive role and gradually transitioned into a solely dominant role, I’ll share with you what that journey was like for me. We’ll discuss both the hardships associated with redefining yourself and the rewards in finding your own strength through confidence. While the class is geared towards those wishing to identify as dominant, the content we’ll cover may help any woman hoping to boost her confidence and feel more comfortable in her own skin.

Handler 101

Presenter: Kenneth Anthony

You’ve got yourself a puppy, now what? This class is discussion format and includes topics like rewards and corrections, consent, the basics of training, and how to interact with and engage your pup in healthy ways.

Healthy Poly Relationships – Panel Discussion

Presenter: Order of E and AZScots

Many cities and towns across the country have an active poly community. During this panel discussion, we’ll explore how to engage in healthy polyamorous relationships, including discussing the many and varied ways people “do” poly, as well as the ethics of honest, open non-monogamy, and the common challenges faced by polyamorists. We invite those experienced in open relationships to share what they’ve learned, and those new to or exploring poly to learn how to responsibly bring more love and joy into their lives.

Hook-Up Joint

Presenter: Carnal_Knowledge (Steven)

Does the idea of razor sharp steel on vulnerable skin get your juices flowing? Be a voyeur as someone gets all lathered up and Raven’s razor dances with flesh.

Hot, Slick, and Smooth – Straight Razor Shave

Presenter: Raven Darknights

Does the idea of razor sharp steel on vulnerable skin get your juices flowing? Be a voyeur as someone gets all lathered up and Raven’s razor dances with flesh.

The Impact of Talking Dirty – How to add erotic conversation to your impact scene.

Presenter: Madyson DeLaRough

This workshop will span the various types of impact play (Rough Body Play, Spanking, Caning, Flogging, Single Tail) and negotiating erotic conversation during such scenes. There will be a Q&A session towards the end of the class.

It’s Only A Little Blood

Presenter: Andrew Love

There will be blood.. okay, more than a little. This class is not for the faint of heart but it is for those seeking a magical and passionate new awareness of that which flows in our veins. Andrew Love has a passion for blood and will cover the erotic nature and the mystical and magical properties of blood. Some attention will be paid to safety basics but most of our focus will be on the blood itself.

Killing Your Inner Victim

Presenter: Evangeline Raven

How to empower yourself to stop ending up in situations where you feel like a victim. Is it always someone else’s fault? Do you always somehow end up in places and situations where you get hurt or someone else takes advantage of you? There are ways to change those behaviors within yourself which help to keep you out of dangerous and unhealthy patterns if you are willing to do the work. You can find some inner peace and outer joy by doing a few simple things. Come learn how to kill off that inner victim for good.

Looking at Archetypes in M/s dynamics

Presenter: slave Samantha

Defining lifestyle dynamics is like defining love, it comes in many different forms. Focusing on Master/slave dynamics we will explore Masters, slaves, and M/s dynamics as a whole using Carl Jung’s 12 basic archetypes. Whether single, in a new dynamic, or seasoned dynamic we offer a unique perspective on archetypes that can expand thoughts and perspectives of yourself, your dynamic, and others as well. M/s doesn’t fit in a box, lets explore how true that statement is. This is an interactive discussion with some comedy, so please bring an open mind.

Machine Sex

Presenter: Quartermaster

Where to start? What goes where? How do I choose the right machine for me? In this class I demystify Machine sex, from vibrators to high powered thrusting machines. Learn how to choose the right machine for you before spending tons of money.

Master/slave: Adding Minions!!

Presenter: Master Dennis and slave bonnie

Having a poly relationship with your M/s is just another challenge that needs to be clearly structured to succeed … we will discuss some examples of good communication skills, protocols, time management, and many different tools that can help to set up your relationships to succeed! All dynamics are unique to those involved…we are offering our example to assist others in the construction of YOUR dynamic as you wish.

Pup Play 101

Presenter: Kenneth Anthony

Getting Started, understanding puppies, learning the terms and gear, and what puppy play is, and isn’t.

Rope Intensive

Presenter: Uruk-Hai

Bring your rope and class will adjust to the people attending. All are welcome.


Presenter: Master Dennis and AZScots

Would you like to try something new, spanking, flogging, caning, etc, without committing to an entire scene? The sampler is designed to fit that need exactly. Experienced Tops will be on-hand to let you get your feet wet without getting in over your head.


Presenter: WhipMaster Bob and BootPig

From bare bones basics, to some more advanced techniques. From energy work and sensual wraps binding you to each other, to marks and cuts and the artistry behind the whip. This is a wonderful place for both admirers of the singletail, and those who fear it for unknown reasons. For many people, the singletail seems too intense of an experience, but a singletail in the right hands, with a bottom in the right space — can cover every nuance from sensual kisses and laps at the skin, to intense fires on the skin. If you have a curiosity about this experience, come visit with us. If you fear the unknown, come visit us and have an opportunity to ask, touch, watch — and if your heart takes you there, experience. If you adore these sensual, writhing creatures, do come share your passion with us.

Safety, whip anatomy, whip care, basic throws and practice techniques, will also be discussed in this hands-on class. For those on the receiving end, we will also be discussing preparation, mind set, and physical presence. This class covers the full experience from both ends of the whip.

Shake, Rattle and Roll: Chains as Bondage Devices as well as Tools

Presenter: Papa Bear

A basic intro into the fun world of chain bondage and as other implements for a scene.

Struggle Play

Presenter: Travis

Explore the exciting world of Fear, Force and Physical Domination. During the first portion of the workshop, the presenters will discuss the different types of Struggle Play including planned abductions, consensual non-consent, triggering the fight or flight response, forced orgasms and more. They will cover different negotiation points for each type of scene, tips and tricks, safety concerns, how to know when you’ve hit a landmine and more. During the second portion of the workshop, they will put these ideas into practice and you will get to watch!

Switches in Poly-land

Presenter: KYew

Your Sir wants your attention and so does your boy, how is this going to work out? Switches complicated the whole thing. In this facilitated knowledge sharing session we will discuss the challenging aspects of switching, managing multi layered expectations and head space with potentially conflicting needs/wants.

Trust: It’s Not You, It’s Them

Presenter: Chris and Elisha

Trust (and other emotions) are really just a bunch of chemical reactions in your brain, but trust is also one of the most often referred to reasons for the demise of a relationship. It is crucial in our lives every day. Whether it be work, home, or with friends it plays a part in how we interact with and react to the world around us. For those like us, in kinky or polyamorous relationships, navigating life with more than 2 in our circles, the loss of it can be catastrophic. Trust is essential to success in both relationships and in play. We believe that trust requires a willingness to be vulnerable. We also believe that revealing that vulnerability will lead to closer and more intimate relationships with both primary nesting partners and those that you play with. This class will cover some basics surrounding the neuroscience of trust and how to help shift mindsets and shape experiences into more productive, innovative, co-creative and intelligent results. Please bring a pen or pencil with you. Print outs will be provided for you to write on.

The Art of Bootblacking

Presenter: Paradox

This Bootblacking 101 class will cover the history and everything you need to know about basic leather care for different types of leather. It is for anyone who would like to learn how to care for boots, leather, basic care for oil tan boots and how to give a basic shine. Anyone who owns leather should know how to take care of it. It’s easy to do, can be done for fun, and can easily turn into a scene.

Thorns in the Garden of the Mind: Triggers and Traumas

Presenter: Ikon

This workshop is designed to examine the part trauma plays in psychological development, and its interaction with the kinky practices and relationships we hold dear. Strategies for managing new and old trauma, de-escalating once someone’s been triggered, and learning to explore trauma/triggers with intent will be covered. Warning: Some content may be triggering or emotionally loaded for individuals with traumatic histories.

Two Fisted Flogging

Presenter: Travis

Have you ever seen that person at the dungeon or at an exhibition with insane Florentine skills and wished you could do it? You can! It is a rhythmic style that is as exciting to watch as it is to do and will allow you more varied use of any thrown impact toy (floggers, whips, etc.). The more options you have the more fun and diverse the play. In this class you will learn the basic techniques used in two-handed flogging. We will focus on the 2 beat weave as it is the easiest to learn, but also cover a variety of other styles. You will leave here with the basic skills needed to begin practicing at home. This will be a “hands on” class, so bring your toys!

Under Pressure: Erotic and Sadistic Pressure Points

Presenter: Papa Bear

The use of pressure points to enhance any type of scene in any situation, or as a scene itself.

We Have Ways of Making You Talk: An Introduction to Real-World Torture Techniques

Presenter: Ikon

Ikon delves into one of his favorite topics in this exploration of the mechanics and techniques of real-world historical (And modern) torture. Built with an eye to practical use as opposed to history and philosophy, these classes equip attendees to adapt real-life torture for use in the dungeon, usually only with one or two modifications! Demos include batog, the knout, and waterboarding! (Best suited to players with at least intermediate experience)

Yoga to Prepare for Bondage

Presenter: Elisha

This will be an all-levels Vinyasa flow class designed to help prepare your body for bondage and kink play. While BDSM play is intoxicating and incredibly fun, it can often leave pain and discomfort that you don’t want and that can be avoided. We will start off by moving through a series of postures designed to heat up the body and prepare it to flow. Once warmed up, we will intentionally flow slowly holding postures a little longer to cultivate strength while still releasing tension and stiffness in the body. We will close with a few of restorative postures to soothe the body and mind. Please bring your own yoga mat to the session.